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White racist to black guy: "You're a n****r."

Black guy: "hahahaha, I'd rather be a n****r than a f**king snow monkey."
by JohnDoe123abc March 16, 2013
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An Indian kid who puts a lot of sun screen on when he goes out side.
You see Rakish today, he was a total snow monkey.

Aseer the Indian boy, friends called him a snow monkey because he put a lot of sun screen before he went on his daily runs.
by Barney McCain April 03, 2011
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Another term for wigger. More commonly associated with Staten Island white boys who believe themselves to be gangster. Typically seperated into tribes on the basis of the color of thier bubbles jackets. Also known for driving around with thier daddy's Mercedes and obnoxiously loud Nextel cell phones.
"Yo Bro! Don't piss me off or I'll holla at my boys on my Nextel"
by Anonymous January 14, 2005
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A rarely seen, undocumented creature short in stature with excess amounts of hair native to Japan. These creatures have razor-sharp teeth which they use to feed on their prey that consists of: rabits, foxes, wolves, bears, humans, and other mammals that accidentaly cross paths. Extremely fast, snow monkeys are able to stealthily move in trees or on the ground and catch their prey off guard.
*salivating noise*
"What was that?"
"I've never heard anything like it, it must have been a snow monkey"
*screams and ensuing death*
by Snowmonkey documentor September 11, 2005
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Wangsta dudes,white people who try to be ghetto.
1. Johnny: Hey! Look at those snow monkeys wearing northface jackets!

2. Vin: Whaddup, dog
Jill: Eww..get away form me you stupid snow monkey!
by Shinzui April 23, 2003
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