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a snobitch is a person who isn't just snobbish but actually takes pride in it, and is bitching about it.
She is such a snob that she wants the whole world to know how special she is. She's a real snobitch!
by Niels Hoglund May 23, 2009
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The conjugation between the words "snob" and "bitch". A snobitch is a derogatory term given to woman that knows she is attractive and uses it to her advantage to achieve her goals. Due to the fact that they know they're attractive all snobitches will put/shoot down any suitors that attempt to woe them, waiting for the so called "perfect guy". A snobitch will eventually settle for a male counterpart (see douche bag) and attempt to have a relationship. This relationship (as well as many others) will fail in the long run and the snobitch will spend the remainder of her life bitching about how much men are assholes and contemplating "where are all the good guys?" whilst growing older, less attractive, more bitter, as her biological clock begins to reach its final countdown (see "couger" after the countdown has reached zero)
In the land no less
I spot a cutie with guess
And I had on sweats
She looked unimpressed
I said dam you fine
But nothing bout her behind
I said do you have the time, to sit back and chitchat
She said no
You look like a hobo
And with that camouflage shit looking like G I Joe
I said I'm not that broke
And I can buy you a coke
She said this must be a joke
I swear it hurt till she soaked, and shook me off
Like a moth
I said what's the deal with the clothing as long as it's cloth?

-Del The Funky Homosapien "Why You Wanna Get Funkee Wit Me" (a song that details an encounter with a snobitch)
by dredd_90 August 04, 2010
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