Anyone who thinks they are better than someone else based upon superficial factors.
by Rebecca April 10, 2004
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A person who at the least, gives off the impression of having a superiority complex towards everyone outside his or her social circle with body language and words. Snobs come in many shapes in forms and in just about every style, e.g., Preppy snobs, Artistic snobs, Musical snobs, and even Redneck snobs. Whatever group of snobs someone belongs to, they act like they know everything in that area of knowledge and are less than friendly toward outsiders.
Popular culture snob 1: The last scene of "obscure movie goes here" was so "obscure adjective goes here."

Popular culture snob 2: I know right! "inside joke goes here."

Popular culture snob 1: *high fives.*

Normal person: Excuse me, can anyone tell me where the bathroom is?

Popular culture snob 1: Anyway, I really think we should *obscure activity goes here* because *long rant/opinion goes here.*
by dj dustman October 18, 2010
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A person who considers themselves higher in society than others.
She was such a snob yesterday, she said i was a dumb poor (not much money) person.
by DeathDemon August 07, 2014
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One who thinks their shit don't stink, but whose farts give them away.
Miss Thang is such a snob. She tries to make everyone think she's all rich and shit.

Yeah. She think her shit dont stink, but her farts give her away. She's such a wannabe.
by MidwesternMamaH September 13, 2010
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The word snob is someone who think that they are better then you and others, snobs are usually the people who leave you on open on Snapchat or any social media. This is called snobbing.
Cody is such a snob, he left me on open again!!”
by Digdaddy69 July 20, 2018
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Basically everyone that lives in Hingham Massachusetts.
Wow those Hingham kids are such snobs. But they are so good at sports!
by T.Sumner80 June 19, 2018
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A snob is someone who thinks they've got better taste than others in most things; especially in music, film and books.

Snobs of this kind, frown upon bestsellers, blockbusters, and pop music. They regard themselves intellectuals and think of people who follow the crowd as philistines.
Matt: Hey man, I'm going to the flicks tonight with Emma and a couple of her work friends, wanna come?

Giles: What are you watching?

Matt: A Night At The Museum.

Giles: Nope, thanks. I couldn't sit for two hours watching crap.

Matt: Suit yourself snob!
by madsb October 23, 2009
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