Creatures that inhabit a maze in the game that demonstrated the first LAN, SNIPES.
by UFO Ninja November 14, 2007
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Buying a player on a game auction house that's real cheap in comparison to the others on the market. Basically instant profit. Subjective to certain people.
Wow, look at this player I sniped in madden, he was selling for 70000 and I got him for 47400.
by Bo3 hypeman November 21, 2016
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To use either the right or left arm to cover one's face from the nose down, lining up the tip of the nose with the crease in the elbow. One should look over his/her arm with eyes squinted to give the appearance of looking down the scope of a rifle, but the the eyes should have a clear line of sight of the person that is being sniped. The snipe can be use to nonchalantly get someone's attention.
by asc8s March 25, 2012
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The act of commenting "snipe" on a facebook post between a girl and guy as to point out the obvious nature of their conversation as flirting.
Generic Facebook Conversation:

Girl to Guy: Hey whats up?

Guy to Girl: Nm u?

Stranger in comment box: Snipe
by coolbeans94 December 30, 2010
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basically, awsome. a snipe can be a noun (person place or thing) and a verb. it cannot be a adverb (ex. snipley {prounounced snipe-lee.} thats a fail.) only ballers, bosses, and g's can use this term. others (who are non-snipes) cannot use this without becoming a poser.
antonyms: fail
Situation: You and your friend are at Dunkin Donuts. You got a 25 box of Munchkins and there is only one chocolate left. You grab it out of the box before your friend can. You are allowed to exclaim, "Snipe!"

Situation: You are at a basketball game and a player totally aces a three pointer. It is appropriate to say, "What a snipe!"
by meghanchristensen January 16, 2010
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a cabin at friend's camp in maine. often called "snipe club" or "penis cabin" (because when you rearrange the letters it spells penis)
Brita: "What cabin are you in this session?"
Austin: "Snipe again goddammit!"
by dispatch131xhd September 14, 2006
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