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1. Small amount of leftovers from something delicious. e.g. cookie dough left in the bowl, scraps of cake when you level it off

2. A small snack. Usually whatever you can find without having to actually make anything.
1. I have a little snick snack left, if anybody wants some.

2. Mom: What are you eating? Kid: Just a little snick snack before dinner.

snack leftovers little treat
by Chair and Desk July 20, 2011
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Someone of "weeny" or "annoying" quality.
A young boy wouldn't stop humming so his brother said to him."Would you stop that? Quit being a snick snack!".
by Nuggetlover73 May 27, 2016
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the urge to snack on anything and everything
also referenced in Markiplier's "Whose Line?" video
by ☆~ joom ~☆ May 31, 2018
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