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The word Snazztastic describes something that the speaker feels is the pinnacle of its field, the best of its kind.
"How are you feeling?" "Snazztastic!"
"I like your Snazztastic hair cut!"
"Is that a new bin? It's Snazztastic!"
by Butterbean145 May 31, 2008
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A mixture of the words 'snazzy' and 'fantastic', for use when someone has obtained a piece of clothing or electronic gadgetry that is both very good and a bit flashy.
"Wow, that new MP3-DVD-rumble pack-guitar you have there is snazztastic!"
"That is a snazztastic skirt you're wearing!"
by Sealofmadness March 24, 2007
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Snazztastic: to snazz tastically. A combination of snazzy and fantastic, it means to be so amazing that it is beyond all physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual comprehension. From the latin for asnazzar-tasticus. Synonyms include snazzadelic
person a "Have a snazztastic day bitches"
person b "Dude your white"
person a "Yes but I'm snazztastically white"
person b "I can't argue with that"
by Quin Crawford March 29, 2010
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