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A derogatory term used for a very ugly, filthy, or other wise unattractive girl.

Derived from two terms, snatch, referring to a gross pussy or unattractive area.

The second, from "Cry Baby" the film, referring to a very ugly drape member as hatchet face.
"omg did you see that girl at Walmart, she had a total snatchet face!"
by k fred March 21, 2010
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an general insult used to describe a person who is unsightly or behaves in an inappropriate (i.e. rude, snobbish, bitchy, etc.) manner.
" debbie is always starting drama, she's such a snatchet face."

A-" did you see that guy sitting in the alley?"
B- "yea he looked like freddy krueger, what a snatchet face"
by C Rose January 08, 2011
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