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A town that is origanally named Ketchikan in Alaska but is sketchy as fuck so people commonly refer to it as Sketchikan. In this town you will find a lot of snitches who will sell out their own grandmother just to get high and when they get busted they will snitch on anyone and everyone just so they don't have to go to jail. Sketchikan is also full of nasty bag hoes that have herpes, the clap, etc. that won't inform you that they are infested. If you try to buy drugs in this town you will most likely be ripped off.
I went to Sketchikan last weekend, got ripped off $500, got the clap, and was indicted for 3 felonies.
by mm...hmmm August 13, 2011
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When 2 nasty, ugly chicks can't enough attention because they have a combination of snatch and hatchet face so they start making out in attempt to attract men, which just turns them off even more.
"That snatchet-facing at the bar last night made me want to drown those two bitches in herpe-infested water!"
by mm...hmmm August 15, 2011
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When you are working with a customer for a really long time and trying to get them to buy something, you are on the verge of a sale and they dip out without purchasing anything. They usually give a lame excuse like "my husband will kill me" "I need to talk to my husband" "I left my wallet at home" "what time do you close?" "I'm going to think about it and then I'll come back" "I have kids in college." The worst TWATS are ones where they already say they are going to buy and then they get scared or the husband comes in and says "NO!" These people don't care that they wasted your time for hours, which prevents you from working with other customers. All they had to say from the get-go is "i'm a cheap bastard and i'm not going to buy anything" but they are to embarassed and just want to waste your time.
"I was working with that bitch for one hour and her husband came in and TWATTED me in less than a second.
by mm...hmmm August 13, 2011
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