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An action in which one steals (or snatches) a turt, specifically, from an enclosure.
Look out Liz, I'll snatchem. I'll snatch your turts.
by Snatchthemturts January 23, 2019
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Term exclamed during the act of taking something belonging to someone else, usually while they are in the vicinity. Often the item is immediately returned, unless it is food, as in someone's last slice of pizza. Use a voice an octave or two higher than your normal speaking voice whilst exclaming.

Also, mainly, snatchums.
Bob goes to John's fridge and takes the last beer while exclaiming "snatchems!"
by Carter July 13, 2004
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Term used to describe the act of stealing, snatching, or removing anything from a store without paying for it. This includes clothes, accessories, electronics, toys, food, etc.

Another word for this can be snatchels.
Hey James, let's go to the mall and get some snatchems today!!!

Awww man we got a good haul today. Got a bunch of snatchems.
by queef_oops July 10, 2008
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