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A popular main road strip, and now teen hang-out, on the southside of Cape Cod MA where decades ago there were a string of kiddnappings. Hence the name "Snatch" Alley.
Hey, I'll meet you down at Snatch Alley tonite.
by Mk Es and Mt July 19, 2005
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Name of a 4-piece rock band from South Weymouth, Massachusetts that played local area school dances and won a "Battle of the Bands" in Hingham, MA. This is 1971-1973 timeframe. The band name comes from a place in West Dennis on Cape Cod where most of the band members hung out during the summer: "Snatch Alley". (Generally speaking, Old Wharf Road at Glendon Road Beach. See "The Snatch Alley" for a more detailed description of the place.)
Six bands competed to win the Battle of the Bands, but after Snatch Alley finished their set, the judges just threw the trophy at them!
by Mickie B January 06, 2008
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