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The act of sending personal pictures to multiple friends on Snapchat. When you find out that someone else you know received the same picture you thought was just for you, you've been Snapcheated on.
Guy 1: "Oh yeah, I really think she likes me. Last night, she sent me a picture of her in bed, blowing me a kiss."

Guy 2: "Sounds like she's Snapcheating on you, because I got the same one! She is soooo hot!!"

Guy 1: *sob*
by Running Clothesline April 18, 2013
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Sending intimate snaps to more than one person, including posting to their story.
1: "Did you see Erica's Snapchat?"
2: "Nah"
1: "Serious nip slip, bro."
2: "That's my girl, man. How the fuck did you see that?"
1: "Everyone got it, its on her story!"
2 : "Fucking snapcheater."
by atlasgenius April 15, 2016
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