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A male that seldom leaves the house without a snap back on. He belittles females because he has a small penis and no sense of maturity.

Finds it funny to sleep with a woman then have the audacity to call her the whore. Double standards are their favorite.

Talks shit about everyone around them because they can't face their own problems in life.
All he does is talk shit, what a snap rat.
by Hallie Richie June 12, 2012
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An individual under the impression that their fellow Snapchat users enjoy receiving a picture or short video clip of what they are doing every ten fucking minutes.
1: Did you see Karen's Snapchats yesterday?

2: You mean all 412 of them?

1: Yeah, she's a real Snap Rat that one
by notgerard January 17, 2014
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People that refuse to use Instagram story and only use Snapchat.
All my friends are such SnapRats they refuse to ever post on instagram or facebook.
by Snaplatts January 19, 2018
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