1. In most cases looking very ugly, hideous.

2. other cases looking very good but in a sarcastic way.

3. Shitty
Kill: Miss your looking very snaggly today!

Miss: Thank you?

Kill: No problem
by Petey Kill May 29, 2009
A loose woman. Rough looking from a hard life. Low moral standards. Probably uses drugs and might have sores.
"Yo that bitch is mad snaggly"

"This snaggly chick tried to sell me a real change"

Joe: Did you end up hittin that
Devin: Oh, I got some cutty
Joe: Go get checked, that is the snaggliest girl I know
by Dbeezy June 16, 2008
Snaggly snuh- ah-guh-ly
So beyond amazing, It has no absolute definition. Usually used by skaters in USA and mostly in California.
John- "Colby, That shit was sick"
Colby-"yuh dude, It was snaggly as fuck!"
by Snagggglyss August 7, 2010