A Snackcake is someone who gives horrible dutch rudders and should be banned from society. Typically this person associates themselves with the fraternity of Tau Kappa Epsilon.
Dude, have you seen snackcake? He told me he was gonna give me a Dutch Rudder, but then he just ended puking all over my dick.
by Nosnikta January 13, 2018
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diminutive or slang for head, nearly only when in the context of making physical contact or striking someone's head.
My time in the ring is history...took too many hits to the snackcake.
by Sanotaan February 21, 2005
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To be stood by one or more people other than a date or romantic interest. Usually happens at bars, nightclubs or parties.
I went to meet Mike at The Houndstooth for a beer but that douche snackcaked me.

I was supposed to go to Craig's party last night but I ran into Angie at 7-11. One thing led to another and I snackcaked him, so did Angie.
by Scotty No P March 29, 2012
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the consumption of delicious, high preservative type, foods while intoxicated or high.
"Last night after taking some bong rips, we got totally snackcaked."

by Ainston June 13, 2007
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