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"Smuggling tic tacs" is a euphemism used to describe a lady's visibly erect nipples. It may be cold, she may be horny, or she may genuinely be smuggling tic tacs.

Sometimes you may be in luck, and she may be smuggling a whole handful of tic tacs. This probably means that she has pierced nipples.

Every now and then you may be out of luck, and find that a gentleman is also smuggling tic tacs. Best not to mention it to him though.
Hey babes, whatcha got there? You smuggling tic tacs?


Hot damn, I could really go for a tic tac right now. I notice that you're smuggling a couple. Mind if I have a taste?
by Rymix September 02, 2006
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To have hard nipples that are seen through your shirt.
"Dude, I'm smuggling tic-tacs. It's cold"
by Lucy October 20, 2004
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to have hard nips when you are an immigrant
Hey (insert name)...are u smuggling tic tacs?....U know that's actually funny b/c ur an immigrant
by Missy and Melissa December 12, 2004
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