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smoun (Verb) smowned, smown-ing, smowner
Smown is a combination of the words "smile" and "frown" and describes a facial expression whereby a smile is quickly replaced by a weak frown. This is sometimes accompanied by a soft sigh. As a "smown" contains aspects of both smiling and frowning it is better at expressing more complex emotions. If one witnesses a smown in another it possible that the "smowner" is feeling so much joy and/or pleasure that he/she is touched and feels emotional thus triggering a proto-frown.
*As "smown" is combination of two words and their definitions it is categorized as a portmanteau word.
Travis knew he said just the right thing when he saw saw Kacey smown.
by Til-ik Doo-ba March 02, 2014
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A slang type word that is a combination of the two words, "smile" and "frown". A word consisting of smiling and frowning at the same time.
"That's great but bad at the same time so, I'd smown to that". smiley examples: :D:, :):, :, etc.
by Skelator Stokes July 12, 2009
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