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that feeling of disappointment you get when the marshmallow you were roasting got too gooey and fell off the stick and into the fire. Now your smore will take 3 MORE minutes...
Dude 1: "Hey there buddy, you look upset. What's bothering you."
Guy 2: "Nothing. I'm just smorning the loss of the marshmallow I spent 5 minutes trying to get to that perfect gooeyness."
Dude 1: "I am so sorry man..."
by valoo208 September 23, 2010
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today's morning - derived from this morning
the smorning I ate breakfast.
by Iced March 17, 2004
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What everyone says but doesn't notice.

Close cousin to sevening.

Always follows "this".
I woke up with a huge boner this smorning.
by HarvesterOfSorrow October 08, 2008
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