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An accumulation of excessive semi-dried nasal mucus (boogers) as a result of breathing pollution (e.g. smog).
Damn, the smog in Mexico City causes some wicked smoogers.
by Cooperrrrrrrr November 15, 2008
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A washed up girls whose curtains are overused and smell of rotting fish falling out of a waist dump.

(Variation: Smoodger)
Holy shit.....She is a Smooger!
by Tom Khan August 08, 2006
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The disgusting droplet of goo that forms at the end of a dog's penis; combination of the words "smegma" and "booger"; Also, any form of wiener by-product resulting from poor hygeine
Eww, Fido, lick that smooger off before it gets on the furniture.

Dude, you better wash yourself before you end up with a smooger.

You left a smooger on the sheets. Go take a shower.
by jaymeez January 07, 2012
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