It's exactly what it sounds like.

A group of people smoking pass (usually an L) around to each person smoking forming a circle (said L is usually passed to the left)
Yo we smoking in a circle cause you assholes always forget who to pass to next.
by pothead educated March 5, 2011
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like that 70s show, everyone sits in a circle and smokes weed.
lets sit in a smoke circle and do it
by kylieb June 6, 2006
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A gathering of fellows on the interest of smoking and sharing marijuana.
Fredrick: How is it about you tell me what exactly is going on behind my rose merry bushes.
Sandy:That, sir, would be a smoke circle
Fredrick: Excellent! Let us do join, Sandy.
Sandy: Splendid idea, I can throw down a blunt and you can pass a plethora of bowls
by lifeenderx July 11, 2008
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A circle formed by humans for social purposes while smoking either ciggerettes and or weed/drugs.
weed smoking yolo swag social smoking circle
by Good for you. November 8, 2013
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