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A small outbuilding, usually unheated, has no air conditioning, where employees go to enjoy smoking a cigarette while anti-smoking Nazi's walk by and give them hateful looks.

Many times you will find non smokers there too. They are there because they like the conversation that sometimes goes on at a smoke shack.

Smokers go there for many different reasons. The main one being that they don't want to offend their non smoking friends. They also know that for many people smoking is not healthy. Many of them want to quit,have tried to quit, but then a anti-smoking Nazi will get in their face and tell them they are evil people." This has the reverse effect on a smoker and makes them want a cigarette even more."
Two anti-smoking nazis are walking by a smoke shack.
Nazi 1; "Look at that Smoke Shack." "Those people are the scum of the earth."
Nazi 2; " Whenever I see somebody smoking a cigarette I wanna smash it in their face, they really piss me off."

People in the smoke shack " Wow, look at the hateful looks those people are giving us."

Old Man in smoke shack: " Y'all wanna hear a funny story?"

Smoke Shack People; " Oh good!" "Another funny story."

Ols man; " I've known both of them for years." " Yall know I have nothing against pot but let me tell you that those two still smoke pot every night when they get home."

Smoke Shack people; " WHAT???" THEY SMOKE???"

OLd Man " Yes I sounds crazy...but it's true." They consider it a herb and believe it's healthful." "They are actually taking in more tar and nicotine in one joint than i will by smoking a pack of cigarettes."

reformed dope dealer; Laughs and says " He's right and that aint all they do." " The old man knows because he used to smoke pot himself but gave it up years ago."

Old man: " I wish you would not tell that shit on me." "Yes it's true." " I smoked pt socially but gave it up when I got married." "it was damn lonely to be a single man on a Saturday night back then."
by OneWhoKnowsBetter December 25, 2012
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