Noun: 1. A smelly sweat sock kid is one who plays an abundance of video games, has a propensity for anime, and baths in mayonnaise. He might also make chain maille just in case he ever comes in contact with a real dragon. 2. Nerd package deluxe 3. Video game junky
"Did you walk by room 133? There are like 30 people in there playing DDR and it smells like pork and cheese." "Yeah. Those are the smelly sweat sock kids."
by B-radiculous April 7, 2008
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A smelly kid is a person who just smells like poop. Nobody likes him. Nobody wants to be friends with him.
"Hey, have you heard about the new kid in school named Reese?"
"Yeah, I heard he's a smelly kid. No one likes him."
by supertootman64 May 4, 2018
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