Same thing as Mashallah
"Mashallah" or "Mash'Allah" is an Arabic phrase used to show appreciation for a person or happening. It shows respect, and also reminds that everything is achieved by the will of God. The closest English translation is "God willed it." It is used to show joy and praise, and is evoked upon hearing good news.
a: Do you like my new hair cut?
b: Smallah! It's gorgeous!
by hala kat. November 30, 2009
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Taken from the Arabic; Generally, "smallah" is often used to recognize something cute, impressive, or lucky.

"Smallah" is also interchangable with, “hold the envy” and “knock on wood.”

"Smallah" is complex -- and this is the family of ideas that it belongs to: Expressing adoration and lack of spite in the face of what is typically enviable. "Smallah" withholds jealousy and just provides praise.
1. I failed my classes this semester but you aced everything, smallah. You're definitely going places.

*Between the knowers of "smallah" - person 1 would just look at person 2's excellent report card and say, " smallah." And then maybe pinch their cheek with a slightly proud smile.

2. My beat up 1993 Toyota Corolla made it all the way to Ohio without breaking down, smallah. Look at that amazing little car... It's better than dad's Lexus.
by il miglior fabbro September 05, 2019
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This arabic (lebanese) term is used to “make fun” or “laugh/mock” someone by the way they interpret their act or acts.
-I made coussa all by myself.

by Milenaa December 30, 2020
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Arabic word means: The name of God.

Used when seeing a beautiful thing, or when seeing a baby or going to a happy event...
Its used to expel the effects of envy on the subject they say "smallah" on it.
People visiting other's new home: " Oh wow! Its very luxurious, smallah!"

A mom showing her friends a video of her baby's first step: "say smallah"!
by H.M.T July 31, 2019
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