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1) A girl coming on to a guy hard, sometimes unwanted
2) A slutty situation
3) An event (often sorority related) in which many girls are wearing little clothing and looking to get some
1) Tim: Hey Bob, I think we need to go find another party with Ron.
Bob: What? We just got here!
Tim: Yeah but we hafta save Ron from this slutuation. She's ugly.

2) She got trashed and hooked up with all those dudes she met on the street - what a slutuation.

3) Hey man, you gotta get over here now! It's a perfect slutuation!
by Psyko1 July 18, 2011
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the act of a man having fun...meeting a woman and dating her. He then has his life ruined cuz she's fucking half the guys she works with and trying for all the others she knows. A complete attention monger.
Johnny met a girl and thought he had a nice girl named Jess O. Now he's in a real slutuation cuz she fucks all the boys at work and lies about it
by JayKohan August 03, 2013
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