When you hug a person, and the other person purposely holds on too long. In addition to "holding on" too long they are also deriving some pleasure from aforementioned contact. This pleasure could be from loneliness, or sexual deviancy. Similar to Frotteurism, with the other party being partially cooperative until the slow roasting begins.
Dude, i'm never going over your aunt's house again. She slow roasted me pretty bad and I think I heard her moan.

You should have warned me about John, I gave him a hug to be polite and wouldn't let go.... that was the worst slow roasting I've ever gotten.

Damn that girl is fine, I'm gonna slow roast her for sure.
by onasty January 1, 2010
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To maintain a potential (though currently non feasible) romantic relationship through low effort activities (esp. texting) will the intention of a romantic payoff at some indefinite time.
Yo John, what's going on with that girl?

Yo I'm just slow roasting her. She ain't my main bitch though so it's cool. Maybe someday.
by Anal8 September 12, 2013
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A tits-to-toenails full-body hug that lingers a bit too long,hinting at latent sexual attraction, extreme perversion, or some combination of the two.
Ugh, I just got the slow roast from Father O'Malley.


We talked all night, and she seemed into me, so i slow-raosted Bart's mom.
by The Commodore June 22, 2007
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uncomfortable hug or hand shake,which takes a little longer than usual and borderlines on perverted.
Father O'Malley made me pretty uncomfortable the other day when he began to "slow-roast" me at the chuch fair.
by Alberto Vasquez October 26, 2006
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When someone drinks a little at a time slowly becoming drunk but remaining drunk for a longer amount of time
Fuck me, Damo is a slow roaster
by ClubPenguin April 6, 2015
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The act of joking on someone in a lowkey fashion, making them think you are genuinely complementing them.
Jermaine: Tyree your haircut is so fire bruh, like oh my God.
Tyree: Oh yeah thanks dude.
Jay: Nah, that nigga is slow roasting you dude.
by DenimJeans March 24, 2016
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A sexual act requiring two males or two strap-on equipped females, one other person, and a fire. The act is initiated by the first two people hog tying the third person, followed by the first two using their penises/strap-ons to support the third person over a fire via the mouth and anus/vagina, in effect slowly roasting the person over the fire.
by Animesus July 10, 2019
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