Someone or something that eats food consistently at inappropiate places, such as at funerals or a library.
by Sunny Seat December 15, 2010
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This rare sloth was recently reclassified from the MEMS Zoo in southern New York as a a furry, head dandruff flaky, tubby lubby bum bum. This creature moves at a woping 1 mile per hour. His fecal infested feet (see Vinny drips definition) smell worse than your grandmothers sweaty vagina. He stares off into the distance waiting for his next big zit to appear. This animal lives off of lamb and what ever comes off of Joe Exoctics Walmart meat truck. Stay away from this creature, they are going extinct but do not have the capability of sexual intercourse due to to tub of lard covering its waste line. THIS ANIMAL IS VERY DANGEROUS TO WOMEN UNDER THE AGE OF 16
The next Joe Exoctic netflix series will be on Vincent the sloth
by Horny toddler May 5, 2020
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The act of playing dead whilst in treacherous waters to avoid being eaten by vicious bobs.
"Wet slothing saved my life, that vicious bob nearly gummed me to death"
by Slothmonkey85 March 15, 2017
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A person who walks around with aids dripping from their neck with dopey fucked up legs and feet thinking their amazing. In reality they don't realise that although there is only one of them known to mankind, that everyone wants to shoot it in the neck.

They strut about like sassy fuckers but don't worry they are not aggressive just trying to be a slut like past times, amongst doing nothing but slutting and sleeping in random places.
"Mate, did you see that, does that thing even make sense!?"
"Oh yeah look, a turkey sloth, i swear she was in my mates flats yesterday morning"
"Sure he's still alive!? Thing looks lethal"
"Yeah she gave him aids he's now sprouting feathers"
by Dagz January 23, 2014
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1 or more person(s), usually sightseers, walking slowly in a busy urban environment so as to prevent others from passing.

Due to their sightseeing nature, The Sidewalk Sloth often doesn't travel in a straight line and can impede passing in other ways (e.g. pointing at things, changing direction while lost). These behaviors can lead to injury of for fellow sidewalk users. It also allows fewer practitioners to block the sidewalk than the Sidewalk Snail Barrier.

*see also the iPod Sloth
Sorry, I'm late. I got stuck behind about 5 different Sidewalk Sloths on the way here. Is it tourist season of Something
by Pixel Fiend January 14, 2011
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