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Immediately after ejaculating into his partner, the man begins to urinate. The pressure builds inside his partner resulting in his erect penis "launching" out of his partner. This protective measure against sexually transmitted diseases has been lab tested many times in Thailand with 100% effectiveness.
Joe: "Dude, this chick wants to go the hotel room with me, but I don't have any condoms!"
Phil: "You're fine man, just give her the sloppy rocket!"
Joe: "Shit, I forgot about that. I used to do that in Thailand. Thanks Bro!"
by Subliminll February 21, 2017
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The distinctive form, texture and experience of bowel movement produced after ingesting several cups of vegetable oil a day.
Man, I was experimenting with non-water liquids that can safely be drunk in significant (nearly water-like) quantities and ended up shooting sloppy rockets all night.
by Trollinglurker March 13, 2010
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A sloppy rocket is phrase used to refer to the resulting bowel movement of drinking several cups of vegetable oil in a day.
Person 1: Vegetable oil. Won't hurt you to drink several cups a day. Good luck actually accomplishing that however.

Person 2: do your poops shoot out like rockets?

Person 3: Sloppy rockets.
by maxrennexcarnate March 13, 2010
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