a lesbian term to define how attracted you are to another girl.
that gina gershon makes me wanna slip off the sofa
by rooder June 5, 2003
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When a female produces mass amounts of excited juice and in turn slips off the chair she was sitting on as a reaction to sighting an extremely hot male speciman!
'What a hot C*nt, I think I just slipped off my chair'
by Shaneo Tippy August 8, 2008
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Foot job involving a woman wearing slippers.
Sarah gave me a slip off last night.
by IAmRoot October 9, 2019
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Meaning to relapse. Also someone trying achieve something but is failing to do so. Often referring to how someone is doing in there life overall.
Danielle keeps slipping off the hobby horse, she can't seem to get it together.
by Jeff Sley December 12, 2011
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