Prime and slime is a slang phrase used to say you wanna fuck.
“After the party we can prime and slime back at my place.”
by Nagev666 May 17, 2022
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A slime shop that sells various slimes with beautiful colours and creative names!
by Jasmine Jeffrey May 25, 2019
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Slime that come out of the wiener. Not cum but a thick smelling paste.
Ahhh I’m not touching your wiener you have dingle slime.
by Shady Spice October 11, 2018
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1.An emotional person who shows characteristics of slimey yet brave traits.

2. A person who is very emotional and at times can become slimey
“ Yo you acting like you emo slime or something bro “
by Real hip hop talk September 17, 2018
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