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1. The cheapest of all deals available on the internet.

2. The slickdeal becomes an obsession from which you purchase many useless items for no apparent reason, leaving your apartment/house/tenement cluttered with really really cheap stuff.

3. A slickdeal can also be a free item, a stolen item, or a price mistake. If any of these slickdeals become available, the true slickdealer will try and get as many of the item until said item is out of stock.

(v): To purchase something at a really cheap price; to get free samples or any free good or service; to steal something, thus getting the slickest of all slickdeals.
(n): Chang, you're never going to guess the slickdeal I got today!

(v): Holy Crap Walter, I can't believe you managed to slickdeal all of those free Dr. Peppers!
by TheWiz94 May 10, 2009
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A verb or noun regarding the action of utilizing to find unusually cheap prices and deals on items or services
"Wow dude, that's a sick pair of headphones! That must've run you some serious money."

"Naw, man. I slickdealed them sh*ts."
by ThaiRican January 01, 2009
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One who possesses very sly characteristics and can wheel broads with his cunning behaviour.
Man, Johnny is a slick deal, he just walked in the room and that hot ass girl just left with him
by Johnnydeal November 09, 2007
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