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To sleep on someone means you don’t believe they’ll actually achieve something they said they would or will do. It’s basically someone calling you bluff on something you say you’ll do, but instead of them verbally calling you bluff, they’re thinking it. Its thinking that someone will stay stagnant in a journey, process, career, etc. It’s a lack of respect towards that person either because they haven’t done it before or because you don’t believe in them. Basically, if someone is sleeping on you, you’re not a threat nor respected by that person and this is a time to prove that person wrong.
The other day, I told someone I wanted to be an oscar nominated actress. She laughed in my face and said “yeah alright sure thatll happen”. I laughed and told her “don’t sleep on me”.
by Youngjoyswag March 09, 2018
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To ignore, overlook, or to forget something. Used as a verb, to sleep on something. Overlooking something that is deemed good or tight.
"Yall can sleep on the Steelers. They finna take it all this year."
by Thrilla in Vanilla November 24, 2004
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A imprint found on skin from your pajamas or underwear.
I woke up with a lot of sleep ons from the night before.
by JohnnyD_Urbanite January 20, 2017
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