An expression used (often ironically) when one goes to bed instead of making, ordering, or buying food either for financial reasons or out of laziness. This is most commonly used by college students and recent graduates who are drowning in student debt.
Matt: Bro, I'm fucking dying. I literally had two tortilla shells for brunch and haven't eaten since.
Dax: Nigga, what you talking about. Sleep for dinner?
Matt: Damn, you right. See ya tomorrow man.

Syd: Girl, my bank account's under five bucks again, and I'm starving.
Ariel: Same, girl. Looks like we're having sleep for dinner. Again...
by FreddieMercurysLeftNut February 27, 2019
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A state of poverty where you're so poor that you can't afford anything to eat, leaving you with only one option: sleep off your hunger so that you won't be hungry anymore by the time you wake up.
I'm living the typical American life by dealing with rent increasing, expensive gas prices and not having a salary that's good enough. Looks like I'm having sleep for dinner tonight.
by That thing in your eye March 23, 2023
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When you are too tired out poor to get dinner, so you just sleep instead to forget about being hungry
Human 1: What should we get for dinner
Human 2: idk
Human 1: What did you have last night
Human 2: oh I didn't have any money so I went with the sleep for dinner route
by H@ June 3, 2018
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