In a fashion similar to that of a Slav
"Michael's Adidas tracksuit is very Slavish."

"Cheeki-breeki is such a Slavish word."
by HeavymetalWeeaboy June 15, 2018
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Pronounced: Slay-vish

The act of imposing rule or principle through the expression of fear based consequence.
Masta: If you don't pick that cotton boy I will whip you good.

Kunta: wow, that's really slavish of you sir.

Boss: If you walk in here 1 minute past 8am, you will be terminated. Fired! No more paycheck!

Joe: Wow, that's kind of a slavish move on your part.


19th Century Slave: They whip me and I gotta pick cotton, no I don't like it, but they give me food , shelter, and water for my family. If I resist they threaten to take away what I need to survive.

Guy from future: Wow, that slavish circumstance sounds awfully familiar to the slavish condtion in the twentieth centurty, just more diverse. Is that what they mean by equality?
by pawupclosedotcom June 9, 2009
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The state of many followers of Barack Obama, perhaps
ironic given the context of his election as president.
She's completely slavish in her prez comportment.
Another BO peep. Her granny's granny was a slave.
by Ward Smith January 22, 2009
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