An alternative name for Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod)after his disgraceful attempt at cheating in game six of the 2004 ALCS versus the World Champion Boston Red Sox.
Slappy McBluelips aka A-Fraud slapped at Arroyo with his hamburger-helper hands costing the MFY the series.
by Derek Jeter January 15, 2005
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A not-so-affectionate nickname for New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, coined by Boston Red Sox fans during the 2004 playoffs. "Slappy" refers to his act of slapping the ball from the glove of Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo, who was trying to tag him. Rodriguez was called out by umpires for this bush-league move. The latter word refers to A-Rod's lips, which for some unknown reason retain a purplish-blue hue as if he just chugged a gallon of grape juice.
When it comes to baseball futility in October, look no further than Slappy McBlueLips.
by SheepDog69 August 31, 2007
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