Sladens are very hyper and out there, they love to make people smile and have a great time his bravery to stand for others is astonishing
Did you see sladen? He ran on the football field just to make that girl laugh!
by Snrssa May 24, 2021
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Sladen Dead is a vampiric gothic rap artist from England. He mixes unique gothic melodies to lyrics that are reminicent of 1800's Victorian poetry.

A lot of his songs and albums are based around love stories and tragic tales of heartbreak, sorrow and vampirism. He is considered the "Dani Filth of Rap". A lot of his following are metalheads and goths.
Ross: Where are you going tonight, man?

Warren: I'm going to see Sladen Dead at the London Astoria, you should come too!
by DevilClownBoy666 January 13, 2009
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AKA, barcode known for his penut butter addictions, and known for enjoying deep fried bologna sandwiches, enjoys letting his jungle grow, and chasing around the local mud-crickets. Also jnow for Fetashishes with the lukes.
I caught Sladen Christensen with Sarah Luke behind Carls Jr last friday
by Scuma luma May 4, 2022
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