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the fine art of intending to go backpacking (carrying all equipment in a large backpack to your camping location in the woods) but instead walking out of the woods for the finer things in life: beer, entertainment, and food.
We went backpacking on the Appalachian Trail last week but with the 40 degree temps and rain, we ended up slackpacking down in Gatlinburg.

The trail we intended to backpack on had a tons of trees down over the trail. After trying to climb over and under about 20 trees, we gave up, turned around, and slackpacked at the drive-in campsite and bummed around the tiny town nearby.

This weekend slackpacking trip was fun. We had planned to backpack in to our campsite last night but we forgot to pack our dinner food. Instead we hiked in, setup camp, and walked out for pizza and beer. We ended up seeing a really good band. The walk back in to our campsite at midnight was a little scary...
by Ungulate August 01, 2010
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