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A divorced or separated dad who communicates on Skype with his kids, who primarily live with their mom.
Biomom: “Jerry calls the girls every night now after dinner.”

Biomom’s divorced confidente: “I thought you don’t even answer the phone if you see it’s him.”

Biomom: “No, he skypes them during homework time.”

Confidente: “Ahh. Ya my Roger was a skype daddy too. It’s a phase.”
by PJMac August 01, 2012
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Industry slang for a corporate AVP’s authoritarian alter-ego. A corporate autocrat.

Also sometimes referred to as, “Boblo Escobar”.
Skype Daddy sure did lay down the law when he found out that she wanted to save all of her annual surplus.
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by Dr. Myron Jules Gordon August 03, 2019
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