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Suspending oneself above a stall in a public restroom and pooping trying to make your turd in the toilet bowl.
Shane attempted the skydrop during lunch, but missed the toilet.
by James and Adam October 05, 2010
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taking a shit into a public toilet while standing on the seat, a skill that takes much practice. Often used by germaphobes. Similar to the sky shit , but instead you drop your deuce within your own stall
Bro i finally nailed the sky drop yesterday!
by JbearAndRbear February 10, 2012
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delivery of food, equipment, etc. by parachute. Also used as a verb.
1. Large quantities of food are being supplied to the starving people by skydrop.

2. They are saying that skydropping of food is more economical than supplying it by road transportation. But I think otherwise.
by uttam maharjan November 09, 2010
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