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In the airline aviation community, this is a somewhat derogatory nickname given to an American Airlines pilot.
"The Sky Nazis voted down their new contract."
by Phil90210 January 23, 2009
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Airline flight attendants. Hostile and known for being power hungry and have a constant beefwith passengers. They regularly use their "authority" to kick you off the plane for any reason just because they can. When they're not kicking people off the plane they push a drink cart.
A sky nazi told a passenger to put their dog in the overhead bin and the dog later died.
I pretended to sleep through my flight just so the passing sky nazi wouldn't have a reason to kick me off the flight.
by CactusMakesPerfect March 15, 2018
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1. Someone who, in the MMOFPS PlanetSide, breaks out the anti-aircraft weapons and takes control of the skies.
2. Me when playing PlanetSide :D

P.S. I made it up! w00t!
1. 1337G4M3R: d00d that sky nazi just blew up my fcuking liberator!
2. When in my AA MAX, I'm a total sky nazi.
by Robert July 20, 2004
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