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Marijuana mixture of Skunk and OG Kush!
I went to the Lab and got a half oz. of Skush.
by Faze562 December 13, 2009
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Skush is a mythical combination of both the highly amazing marijuana kush and the fruity delicious skittles. Although it hasn't been technically invented yet two hood rats from upstate new york are working hard on the amazing weed.
Damn, last night I got mmaaaddd fucked up off of skush
by AAAAYYYYYYYYYYY July 20, 2010
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1.another word used to substitute for "fight".

2. also used as another way of saying "argueing".
Lil Poppinz- yo b you wanna skush or what homie
Big Darwin- ima end da skushin' befo' it even starts out homie

yo dat new cople was skushin all damn night so i aint got none of that beauty sleep baby.
by Da Goodz April 17, 2007
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