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The act of obtaining Skrill (Money, Capital, Gouda, Liquid Assets)
"We had the beezies out on the block skrillin' to pay rent"
by Oxykottonkandie August 15, 2009
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The act of getting extremely high; getting skrilled. Usually as a result of smoking marijuana.

Especially common term on college campuses.
Dude let's go skrill and then hit up the dining hall.
Hell yeah I love skrillin'!

I was so skrilled the other day bro...apparently I was rubbing my face all over Sarah's floor and saying it felt like a cloud. I woke up the next day in a closet and had no idea where I was.
by The Discloser November 19, 2011
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Bouncin, dippin, cashin out; to go somewhere; to leave/go.
What u doin right now nigga?

Skrillin' to the B of A to get some cash for my chron travolta.
by R.G.T November 18, 2007
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Making money & chillin simultaneously- like when there's a lull at work or a slow day in general and you're still getting paid.
Dude: Hey bro, wassup
Bro: Nothin much, dude. skrillin at work. U?
Dude: Ahh.. big chillin at work. hence this FB chat. Word
by kikijones November 20, 2011
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An advanced method of chillin'. To grill with skills. To accomplish this one must be under the influence of beer and babes.
Hey man, what's up?


Word, I'll being some more beer and steaks, you good on girls?


Alright, late
by leenis July 18, 2008
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To moss, loaft or chill with friends. Originating from the dirty ass artist Skrillex
Bro what are you saying.
Nothin man just skrillin.
by skrillin May 09, 2011
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