The definition of "Skinny Penis" is a with ass dude on the internet saying " It's ya boi, skinny penis." That exact video made me a different person with magical powers. I can now make my penis wipe my own ass. Oh yeah almost forgot, if u watch the video 200 times your white af peepee turns black, and shrinks 40x . Best day of my life when that happened.
Hiesenburg: "Say my name.."
Some random ass person: "It's ya boi, skinny penis."
by Skinny penis dude February 05, 2017
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skinny penis is a deadly disease that causes men to have a long but floppy penis it never gets hard. women do not like skinny penises.
Maria: Did you see Juan's Penis?
George: No why???
Maria: I think he has a case of a skinny penis.
by maria ling ling January 21, 2017
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A guy who takes off his clothes before having sex, leaving the dick out and expects the girl to start with no foreplay. This person is usually naive and watches way too much porn. A Skinny Penis can also entail selfishness and stupidity.
"Did you here that he Skinny Penised her?"
"No way! I haven't met a Skinny Penis since highschool"
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by Chanchaso February 14, 2018
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