The definition of "Skinny Penis" is a with ass dude on the internet saying " It's ya boi, skinny penis." That exact video made me a different person with magical powers. I can now make my penis wipe my own ass. Oh yeah almost forgot, if u watch the video 200 times your white af peepee turns black, and shrinks 40x . Best day of my life when that happened.
Hiesenburg: "Say my name.."
Some random ass person: "It's ya boi, skinny penis."
by Skinny penis dude February 05, 2017
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skinny penis is a deadly disease that causes men to have a long but floppy penis it never gets hard. women do not like skinny penises.
Maria: Did you see Juan's Penis?
George: No why???
Maria: I think he has a case of a skinny penis.
by maria ling ling January 20, 2017
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