When putting on skinny jeans, your leg hair is swept upward. Then after taking your pants off, your leg hair are still pointing up.

Usually return to normal after an hour or two on their own or after a shower.

Sometimes painful
by Neon Ninja Kills You November 8, 2009
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Extremely straight&tight pants that get smaller as they go down to your ankles. Very hard to put on! Gotta jump around alot for them to reach your waist. They look like pencils.

Preps and Emos wear them (Sometimes gangsters). Come in every color and pattern. Can be found at any clothing store.

Girls and Boy wear them. (But when boys wear them, they don't have an ass.)
Bonus for girls who wanna show off their butts!
If your thighs are abit big, I think you should wear anything BUT THESE PANTS.
(Big self-confidence lowerer!)
Gangster: Damnnn.. My ass looks fine in these skinny jeans/ straight legs!

Prep: Wow.. I have like no icky fat on me! Love these skinny jeans/ straight legs!

Emo: Yeaa.. I got zebra skinny jeans/ straight legs.
by Some person :) ~J March 10, 2009
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When individuals who strength train (usually men) are so preoccupied with having large arms and chest that they neglect leg exercises. The result is a top heavy looking individual with chiseled arms, chest and maybe even abs but with hilariously skinny legs. Essentially taking on the appearance of a mismatched Lego Minifigure.
Brenda: look at that at that guy lifting like 150 over there.

Jannet: he's got a nice upper body, too bad he's got skinny leg syndrome. Those legs look like toothpicks and he has no ass.
by ZeeEx December 22, 2019
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