Ability and talents reflectng ones own SKILL. (if in fighting games one with skill is not CHEAP)
by ShAdOw November 12, 2003
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If you got skills on the mic then you're a nice MC.
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
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Anna had some serious skill going on last night, but sadly Mauie was the only one to see them.
by theeclique September 14, 2003
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what you need to be a hack-saw (hacker)
and lo, I was shat upon, and I weeped in the skill of his anus
by JOKa August 13, 2003
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A word meaning u can do something well with out really trying to hard. Also should never be used in the same sentence with a Counter-strike play since all can play with skill as it easy to do with out trying
Skate boarder: 'Man, Tony Hawks got skill.'
You however will never see this sentence CS player : 'I got skill.'
by Soul-Spawn August 1, 2003
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Somtimes used in conjunction with the word "saw" to denote a handy cutting device.
Hey, how am I supposed to slice my grilled cheese if you keep unplugging my Skillsaw?
by Brother Dave August 7, 2003
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