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Skilar is such an amazing person you'll never meet another person like her. Skilars normally have brown or green eyes that will captivate you. A Skilar is a person you want on your side she will be their till the end she's she real definition of a ride or die. She tends to always have people around her but she only wants one. She has a very nice figure. She is quit awkward when you first meet her but once shes used to you shes a lot of fun.
"You see that girl over there with the nice body?"
"Yeah thats Skilar"
"Dang she bad"
"Yeah but she's taken"
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by littlecurlyhairedgirl October 21, 2018
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The most beautiful gurl in the world and will never let you down... if you wanna be stabbed in the back.
Who is that stabbing him in the back?
Oh thats a skilar
by awesomeshathead May 08, 2018
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