A particularly fascinating breed of athletes. They speed the majority of the time freezing their asses off in especially cold weather in tight speed suits designed to make them faster, but may cause them to die of hypothermia. Those who are student athletes and attend academies often race and train non stop all winter and spend too much money on camps in the offseason. Academy kids are also used to spending days in crowded vans and living off gas station snacks or the occasional treat to gas station subway. It is difficult to score good points as the competition are often very close within the same seconds. The sport itself may be one of the most expensive and difficult sports out there, making the athletes even crazier for doing it. The parents who are willing to fund their athlete and stand in the cold temps to watch are their own breed. But in the end ski racers are badass, sick human beings so if you ever have the chance to meet one do not waste the opportunity you lucky son of a bitch.
Coach its ten below can we not go full strip?
*aggressively sips coffee from portable mug* YAH A FUKIN SKI RACER DON'T BE A PUSSY
by 4gnarnia February 14, 2019
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a person participating in the most bad ass sport in the world. Ski Racers ski hard and party hard. Ski Racers are natural enemys of Park Rats.
omg look at that ski racer he is such a bad ass
by racetiger99 May 7, 2011
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"well maybe he's a homo?"
"I don't like derogatory terms,, lets call him a ski racer."
by skwelch March 2, 2010
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Ski racer, the biggest pussys on the mountain. 90% of the time their gay.
“That ski racer is such a pussy!”
by SkiRacersR Gay May 3, 2021
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