Used in reference to the awesome tune "sunglasses at night" by Skepta, the quality video for which has skepta dancing and rapping with some bitchin' sunglasses on with lots of fitties dancing/posing around him rather like the opening credits of a bond film.
Props to the guy
A: "mate, I love your skeptas, them be some sick skeptas bro"
B: "yea mate, I look the bizz"
by dan and rob April 19, 2009
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The king and creator of Grime.
Comes from North London and is the founder of record label, Boy Better Know. Has a younger brother Jme who is also a rapper part of the label.
"Skepta's new tune is sick, mate"

"Ikr he's like the king of grime"
by Beats&Grindah August 17, 2015
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A really slutty girl that is not appealing in any way
by Cebada March 24, 2017
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A female of questionable morality lacking in vaginal discretion, engaging in biblical acts with various individuals without remorse or consideration for consequence.

Etymology: The term derives from a reference to the single female featured within British Hip Hop artist Skepta's music video where her various acts of coitus caused shock within the urban music community of the United Kingdom. Some of whom considered her acts "a step too far".
1. Yeah I'd wear a condom shes a skepta girl, who knows where she's been.

2. She went beyond a ho shes a skepta girl.

3. Man I got chlamydia I knew i shudda wrapped up with dat skepta girl.
by Ill Zilla April 15, 2011
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