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A prank and the fastest way to strip a guy nude in front of people. The act of both pulling down his trousers, pants, shorts or swim trunks while simultaneously lifting the his shirt over his head and forward, leaving him totally naked. Lifting his shirt over his head prevents his hands and arms from pulling his shorts back up, pushing him forward so that he steps out of his shorts while also losing his shirt. Skanting is usually perpetrated in front of a small or large audience with the purpose of humiliation. The target is usually a teenage boy or twenty-something male. Skanting is easier if the male is wearing loose-fitting or baggy shorts with a t-shirt or no shirt.

Since the purpose of skanting is to strip him nude, a beach is the most prime location. At a beach or swimming pool, the target is also unlikely to be wearing a shirt, making the job easier. Then is becomes simply pantsing.

Skanting differs from pantsing because skanting should result in the target being stripped totally nude within seconds.

Sometimes the clothing is given back immediately, but more often his clothes are hidden, thrown around or destroyed, leaving him naked. These acts are sometimes filmed and posted on YouTube.
Nick refused to go swimming with us at the party, so we skanted him in front of everyone and threw his clothes in the pool. Nick had to walk naked through the entire party.

Jacob was annoying his friends at the beach, so Andrew and Ben waited until Jacob wasn't paying attention and skanted him.

Thomas was drinking too much at the party, so Eric and Ryan skanted him, threw him outside and locked the door. Thomas was so mad that he walked home naked.

Zack received a good skanting in the middle of school lunch.
by TaylorKnows82 July 23, 2014
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