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To owe so much sex that you're... "in the hole"
Your mom is so deep in skankruptcy with me I think she may have to take out a whoredgage.
by Shitlord July 19, 2010
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when a skank got you open to the point you drop the ball on your paper chase and run out of stacks.
that skeezer was in my pockets so hardbody that i couldn't make time to grind. i'm broke nigga! skankrupt!
by basedillac October 16, 2011
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One who has grown to be so sleazy and gets around so much that they have surpassed the most extreme of the "slut" type of people. The word began as a reference to the amount of self-value and sanctity they have when it comes to their own body, having most likely long ago traded any chance of being respectable and truly loved by another in return for a drug/junkie lifestyle, although some of these people are actually just so worthless they reach that point without any other factor than they are that creepy and vomit-inducing.. See also bagwhore
I can't believe that's my wife on that webcam with those three niggers! She was still such a nice girl 8 months ago when we got married, and now here she is online, bitch has straight gone skankrupt!
by jimjones, omnibeing April 11, 2017
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