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When nasty just doesn't begin to describe something.
Guy 1: ''I've got these tickets to see Ke$ha. Do you want them?''

Guy 2: ''Hell no. That girl is skanknasty''
by Town of the Red Itch September 02, 2010
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when something that is so nasty that only a skank would do it/ use it

will seem to creep into your conversations now that you know what it means
"Man your shirt is skank nasty!"
"Wow that girl is skank nasty!"
by Dick October 07, 2004
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combination describing someone who is not only skank but also nasty.

The word originated from a group of friends in south Georgia.
It is frequently used it to describe those who are skanktouched in their town and highschool and they do not associated with.
She was held back in middle school until she was 16,had more stds you know of,and even standing by her makes people think you're skanknasty too.
by ashleywynn June 25, 2006
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It's an adjective to describe somebody who looks like a revolting slut.
Ew, Jade looks so skank nasty today
by skanknasty27 February 08, 2015
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