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A combination of a scarf and a blanket or a scarf used as a blanket.
Jill likes to use her Skanket to keep warm on the airplane.
by Turd L. Ferguson December 15, 2014
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An inexpensive plush blanket, often featuring jungle animals or cartoon characters, favored by strippers for the "floor routine" part of their act. These are often sold from vans on the side of the road or stalls in shopping malls.
The naked woman on the stage writhed to an Aerosmith song while a group of amateur gynocologists looked on, her darkly tanned skin protected from abrasion by a "My Little Pony" skanket.
by Gordon Sims May 21, 2007
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From the phrase "Wet Blanket"

A skanket's kids would be skanklets.
Dude #1: There is one in every crowd.
Dude #2:What?
Dude #1:A wet blanket
Dude #2: Oh you mean a Skanket

Example 2:
Cynthia is such a fat fucking skanket. If she wasn't in here everything would be fine.
by Vyse6669 January 22, 2009
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